The CFPB recently published a report outlining extended state payday loan payment plans and their use. Extended payment plans, often seen as an “exit ramp” for consumers, allow consumers to pay off outstanding payday loan installments at no additional cost. The specific provisions of extended payment plans depend on theRead More →

Welcome to NYLON’s City Guides, your one stop shop for the perfect vacation. Here you’ll find the ultimate accommodation, dining, drinking, shopping and more recommendations for the world’s hottest cities – all tested and approved by NYLON editors. Read on for your ideal, NYLON-approved route. Atlantic City stands out inRead More →

The first all-commercial, non-governmental crew to visit the International Space Station plunged to Earth on Monday, descending through the heartland of America to a picture-perfect plunge off the coast of Florida to cap off a long, brand new mission. Descending under four outstretched parachutes, the Crew Dragon “Endeavour”, carrying CommanderRead More →

A team of scientists, engineers and crew on the research vessel Neil Armstrong operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) recently collected a 38-foot-long cylindrical sediment sample from the deepest part of the Puerto Rico Trench, nearly 5 miles below the surface. The sample core breaks records as theRead More →

Players play cards at the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, NJ on February 10. (AP file photo/Wayne Parry) ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — Atlantic City’s casino revenue has topped what it was before the coronavirus pandemic hit, but most of the improvement came from the two newer casinos. Figures releasedRead More →

BOSTON, Massachusetts.– Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., the farming cooperative owned by more than 700 farming families, today announced a collaboration with Atlantic Sea Farms, a women-led regenerative kelp aquaculture company also local to New -Maine-based England for use of ingredients in Atlantic Sea Farms Cranberry Kelp Cubes. The sustainably grownRead More →

The sustainably grown kelp product further expands Ocean Spray’s functional ingredient and product portfolio. “Cranberry Kelp Cubes offer a way to combine two powerful superfoods from regenerative farming practices that provide consumers with an easy way to enhance their daily diets and reap the health benefits of these nutrient-rich family-farmedRead More →

This is me in 1974. It was 48 years ago. I worked on the famous “Cat Rack” at the Million Dollar Pier. This is the only photo ever taken of me on the Million Dollar Pier. Incredibly, the photo was taken by my identical twin brother, Don, who has takenRead More →