A Briton becomes the fastest woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo | Good news

A British woman has embarked on the journey of her life, all for a good cause.

Victoria Evans has set a new world record. She is now the fastest woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone.

She rowed over 2,945 miles in just 40 days and 19 hours. This time breaks the previous record by nearly nine days.

Victoria spent four years training for the trip. She says the music played a big part in her motivation during the trip. She listened to David Bowie, Elton John and Sam Fender for hundreds of hours while rowing the water. She says no one can hear you sing alone on the ocean.

Victoria also shared some special moments with the creatures she encountered along the way. She saw a great pod of dolphins and it happened to be her 35th birthday.

Victoria says thinking about her friends and family helped her see it through.

“I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, I think I’m going to cry a little bit,” she said in a video, when she was first seen disembarking. “It’s been the most intense six weeks of my life, and to think that my friends and family are only 25 miles away from the safety of the marina, it’s so overwhelming.”

Victoria says now that she’s back on dry land, she wants to advocate for change in women’s sport through her work as a lawyer.