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If anyone decides to help revive the LGBTQ + community of Atlantic City NJ, who better than favorite / author Laurie Greene? Not only is Greene a well-known author (her book Drag Queens and Beauty Queens: Challenging Femininity on the World’s Playground is a must), but she’s both an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Stockton University and a board member of the all-new AC Pride. As an organization “Dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of the diverse LGBTQIA + community in the greater Atlantic City area”, AC Pride has a series of three-pronged initiatives; Social gatherings and events, visibility and commemoration initiatives, and community and health awareness initiatives. Truly ambitious goals for a region like Asbury Park before it, with a vibrant LGBTQ community poised to bring back a thriving community.

Courtesy of Laurie Green (Facebook)

Greene also has some of Atlantic City‘s most prominent LGBTQ community members working alongside him on this initiative. Nightlife luminaries like Sandy Beach, Morgan Wells and Joy Marnier add their own bubbly take on Atlantic City‘s LGBTQ history and join some of the other ‘Originals’ like Mortimer Spreng and Ten’e Long on stage, reuniting for Easily offended? Get out now! on October 22 to celebrate AC’s LGBTQ history and its roots in Gayborhood bars on New York Avenue. (The recent official AC Pride kickoff was at Anchor Rock Club with the iconic Lady Bunny DJ and providing her own classic dose of hilarity)!

For Greene, preserving the voices of seniors in our community is a crucial part of his own passion, as well as that of AC Pride. She told the Atlantic City press “Collecting video diaries and stories from older people in the gay community to talk about their experiences,” she said. “One of the reasons restorative history is so important is because marginalized communities often do not have the opportunity to tell their story, but also because AIDS has wiped out many generations. here in the city and there is a kind of knowledge gap of young homosexuals about their community and the contributions it makes ”

Speaking of Ocean Casino Resort, their dedication to the LGBTQ community continues, with upcoming events in 2021 such as the Off-Broadway smash. My great gay italian christmas make a splash at Ovation Hall on 12/18 (tickets available here). From Ocean Casino Resort‘s perspective, partnering with AC Pride was a natural fit. Liza Costandino, Director of Public Relations and Social Media at Ocean Casino Resort, said: “With its commitment to preserving the rich history of Atlantic City’s LGBTQ community and looking to its bright future, Ocean Casino Resort is proud to partner with AC Pride. We look forward to working more with them on their various community initiatives and look forward to continuing to work closely with the New Jersey LGBTQ community.

Photo courtesy of Laurie Greene (Facebook)

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