Atlantic City, New Jersey, police monitor drop in drug sales, arrest five

Some concerned residents have reported drug-related activity to the police. Police checked him out, monitored him, and ended up arresting five local residents.

Atlantic City Police said their detectives carried out a surveillance operation in response to complaints from residents about ongoing drug sales.

Almost as expected, detectives settled down near South Carolina and Baltic Avenues and witnessed a deal, and they stopped Carlton Neil, 57, of Pleasantville, Angelita Neil, 53, of Egg Harbor Township, and Omar Law, 20, of Atlantic City.

Shortly after the arrests, police witnessed another deal in the same area and arrested Sandra Leggette, 54, of Atlantic City and Terrence Johnson, 64, of Atlantic City.

Police said all were charged with possession, with Johnson and Law also charged with intent to distribute.

According to the police, “All those arrested have been released on summons with a future court date.”

Source: Atlantic City Police Department.

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