Atlantic City, NJ Among Worst Postal Codes Affected By COVID-19

New Jersey continues to face the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s no secret that the coronavirus has taken South Jersey a hard hit in just about every aspect.

Nothing, however, has crushed the South Jersey economy as badly as the closure of the Atlantic City casinos. In addition, few people flocked to South Jersey beaches that summer. Obviously, this has also been a blow to the pockets of this region. Now, a new report confirms that the South Jersey region has really been hit extremely hard by the coronavirus pandemic. reports that data has been collected which shows Atlantic City was one of the worst zip codes in the entire state to be affected by COVID-19. Now, this information isn’t necessarily new to anyone living in the South Jersey area, but you might be interested to learn that the results indicate which areas of NJ have been hit hardest by the pandemic. are the ones that are known to struggle in multiple arenas, two being opportunity and economy.

The other postal codes that were found to be the most affected by COVID-19 are in Camden, Trenton and Newark.

The study confirmed the idea that the municipalities in these regions which are grappling with various factors such as a high percentage of school dropouts, economic difficulties at home, etc. also simultaneously see an increased number of people neglecting their health. This means that people are less likely to be proactive in taking care of themselves and seeking treatment for various illnesses and conditions. This finding appears to be directly correlated with the COVID numbers in this region.

You can read the results from HERE.


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New Jersey reported just under 4 million people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 statewide, by the last week of May. So how does this break down across the 21 counties?

And, how can some communities have an immunization rate above 100%, according to state data? Reasons include people who have moved, those who travel and do not reside at the home where the census enumerated them, students who may choose their school residence for immunization data, and those in long-term care (or others). residential housing) among other reasons, as explained in a footnote on the state’s COVID dashboard.

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