Atlantic City’s Devlin Wins ‘Stay’ Against Little Mayor’s ‘Retribution’


With regards to Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) Chairman John Devlin and the City of Atlantic City, we can provide you with the following breaking news.

We have learned and confirmed that New Jersey Superior Court Judge James Savio has granted Devlin a two-week reprieve…which will temporarily prevent the City of Atlantic City from pursuing any formal action to potentially remove Devlin from the AC MUA Board of Directors.

Devlin’s attorney, David Castellani, asked Judge Savio to dismiss the entire case.

Judge Savio confirmed that it was too early in the process for him to dismiss the case.

There is a lot of context in this case.

Here is a link to our recent breaking news report from Sunday, January 23, 2022. It will provide you with a significant amount of information on Devlin, accusations of political retaliation by Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, and more.

The link to the article below is the most comprehensive report on this controversy that can be found.

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Before the end of the two-week stay, it is likely that Castellani will ask Judge Savio to extend the stay further.

As was the case when we broke the news of Devlin’s lawsuit against the City of Atlantic City, Small, City Council, MUA and more… We got Devlin’s only public comments, following the hearing this morning before Judge Savio.

The judge (Savio) obviously saw the validity of our argument and granted us the relief we needed so that we could properly challenge the frivolous allegations made against me, Devlin said.

Photo by John Devlin – Don P. Hurley.

Photo by John Devlin – Don P. Hurley.

As a member of the Atlantic City School Board, Devlin did not support Mayor Small’s wife, Dr. La’ Quetta Small, to be promoted to superintendent of the Atlantic City public school system.

Devlin argues that this is a case of political retaliation by Small and others.

Here is page 1 of Devlin’s 14-page lawsuit. It provides you with the list of everyone named in this litigation against the town of Atlantic City, Small, and those in Orbit Mayor Small.


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