Atlantic Region Chamber Ambassadors Visit Rock Island Inn & Suites | Way of life

The Atlantic Chamber Ambassadors were hosted by Rock Island Inn & Suites on Thursday, February 21. A few board members attended and explained how they made the decision to become an independent hotel and not be part of a franchise like many of the other Boulders Inn & Suites have. The Board of Directors decided, with input from Director, Christy Jespersen, that they would prefer to have more control over hotel and hiring details in order to better serve the community and promote Atlantic. These would be issues that they thought they could lose by entering into a franchise agreement. The name was the harder decision, but they chose Rock Island Inn & Suites to connect with Atlantic’s heritage being a town along the Rock Island Railroad. Christy said this allowed her and her staff to have great conversations with their out of town guests and many then went downtown to see where it started, giving to the community more visibility. The board has chosen to keep a lot of things the same so that their guests can continue to enjoy everything they love while staying there. Asked about RAGBRAI, Christy said they were full for the day and most of those bookings were from RAGBRAI staff, but they still had a very long waiting list in case a room became available that day. -the.

Pictured by Ambassador: Don Sonntag, Keith Steffens, Al Johnson and Christy Jespersen of Rock Island Inn & Suites; Lana Westphalen, Haley Kickland, Ashley Hayes, Megan Londo, Gerald Brink, Jennifer McEntaffer, JoAnn Runyan, Carole Schuler, Michelle Heath, Dolly Bergmann, Becky Christiansen, Patrice Hanson, Sue Muri, Angie Bitting, Debbie Leistad, Ann McCurdy, Bill Saluk , Donnie Drennan, Dr Mitch Peerbolte, Steve Andersen, Gerhard Marburg, Dr James Kickland, Brian Ruge, Dawn Marnin, Arlene Drennan, Ray McCalla, Laurie Bretey and Kerry Jepsen.

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