Atlantic Sea Kings make last flight of 423 Maritime Helicopter Squadron: Pacific Navy News

Royal Canadian Navy personnel salute and salute as 423 Maritime Helicopter Squadron completes its final flight with CH-124 Sea King helicopters over the Port of Halifax on January 26. DND Photo

RCAF Public Affairs ~

423 Maritime Helicopter Squadron completed its last operational flight of CH-124 Sea King helicopters on January 26, with an overflight of the Port of Halifax and Shearwater, Nova Scotia.

Staff from 423 Squadron MH will now devote their full attention to the transition to the CH-148 Cyclone, the Royal Canadian Air Force’s new maritime helicopter.

This isn’t the last time residents of the Halifax and Dartmouth area will see the venerable Sea King in flight. 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron, located in Patricia Bay, British Columbia, will support Royal Canadian Navy operations on both coasts until the Sea King is officially withdrawn from Patricia Bay later this year. . 443 and 423 MH Squadrons are both part of 12 Wing Shearwater.

The Sea King has been in service with the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force for 55 years. The first Cyclone detachments aboard Navy ships are scheduled for mid-2018.

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