Atlantic sea nettle jellyfish identified in Charlestown ponds

Sea nettle jellyfish / Courtesy of the Department of Environmental Management

CHARLESTOWN, RI (WLNE) – Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management (DEM) on Wednesday issued an advisory that Atlantic sea nettle jellyfish were spotted in large numbers in two ponds in Charlestown.

Jellyfish have been identified in the Ninigret and Green Hill ponds.

DEM says anyone planning to recreate themselves in these ponds should bring a first aid kit, which includes a bottle of vinegar and anti-sting spray.

The bite of a sea nettle can cause moderate discomfort and a swollen itchy rash on the skin. If you get stung, DEM says to:

  • Remove visible tentacles with a gloved hand or plastic bag
  • Rinse the affected area in vinegar or a commercially available anti-bite spray (or salt water)
  • DO NOT rinse with fresh water, as this may make the sting worse
  • Apply heat pack or rinse under warm water
  • Use an ice pack and / or hydrocortisone cream to reduce discomfort
  • If symptoms worsen, see a doctor

DEM says these jellyfish are common in Rhode Island during the summer, although the reason for their high numbers right now is not understood. Their number should decrease as the season progresses.

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