‘Bioshock’ fans will love this: Atlantic Ocean

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Fans yearn for another episode of legendary Ken Levine film Bio-shock the series can wait a while. But at OGN we just found the following best thing: tThe Atlantic Ocean !

Wow, take a look at this. We’re already getting flashbacks to the underwater city of Rapture just by looking at one of the world’s largest bodies of water!

What makes it a real treat is that this is the same ocean that players first descended into using a retro-futuristic lighthouse lift in 2007 ‘original version of s. Add in some little sisters and big dads, and you’re basically there in Andrew Ryan’s objectivistic dystopia!

Even cooler, this Atlantic Ocean is fully explorable in a submersible or ship. It’s 41.1 million square miles, and there is no way out of the map like in the original game. It’s a level of interactivity and reach that even a full remaster probably wouldn’t include!

Moreover, if you are a fan of the horror experience of Bio-shock, you’ll be happy to know that there are hundreds of ways to die in the ocean: sharks, drownings, ship collisions. You can even attach electronics to your body and get the kind of lethal zap that would immediately remind you to fight an Electro. Splicer equipped with shocks in Neptune’s Bounty or The Smuggler’s Hideout.

And, hey don’t think we forgot fans of other episodes in the show like Bioshock Infinite. If you fancy the thrill of playing critically acclaimed sequel, just try to search! You remember ? Yeah, that’s right! It is the sky!

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