Ex-NYPD cop who fired a gun into the Atlantic Ocean is jailed

NYPD Police Officer David Afanador leaves New York State Court, November 5, 2014. (AP File Photo) (AP Pictures)

An old NYPD officer who was twice charged with brutality goes to jail for an unrelated crime: firing an illegal semi-automatic handgun in the Atlantic Ocean while drinking alcohol on a Long Island beach.

On Thursday, Judge Robert Bogle sentenced David Afanador, 41, to Long Beach, to between 16 months and four years in prison. Afanador pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a firearm, a felony, last March.

On March 21, 2021, Long Beach police officers responding to a call for shots fired near Franklin Boulevard and Ocean Beach Park came across Afanador and three other people on the beach, the county attorney’s office said. Nassau. Afanador held an open box of seltzer and had a Beretta 9mm pistol in a holster and two loaded magazines, police said. Cops found seven used 9mm shell casings in the sand near him, according to the prosecutor.

Afanador was off duty and not authorized to carry a firearm due to an ongoing criminal case for allegedly putting a black man in a prohibited chokehold while responding to a call on the walk to Rockaway Beach, according to the NYPD and DA. (A Queens grand jury later declined to indict him for the incident, the New York Post reported.)

When officers asked to see Afanador’s ID, he handed them a driver’s license and his NYPD officer ID card, which clearly read “No Firearms.” the prosecutor’s office said.

“This defendant knew he could not legally own a gun, but still made the decision to drink with friends on a beach and shoot multiple times in the ocean with a loaded gun,” the court said. District Attorney Anne Donnelly in a statement. “Afanador’s behavior was senseless, dangerous and illegal. We hope his sentencing sends a message to anyone considering illegally unloading a weapon in Nassau County in the name of fun.”

In 2016, Affandor was acquitted of pistol-whipping a teenager during a drug bust. He resigned from the NYPD shortly after his arrest in Long Beach. He had been in the ministry for over 16 years.

A woman who was with Afanador at the time of the incident also faces a felony charge in connection with firing the Beretta into the ocean, the prosecutor’s office said. His case is pending.

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