Five Charged with $ 1.1 Million of Atlantic City Casino Forged Check Scam

Posted: Oct 17, 2021, 11:01 a.m.

Last update on: October 17, 2021, 11:01 a.m.

New Jersey authorities have indicted five New York state residents for allegedly stealing more than $ 1.1 million from Atlantic casinos using a “sophisticated” fraudulent check system.

Casino fraud
Hard Rock Atlantic City, pictured, declined a check for $ 150,000, but the gang reportedly ran away with 134,000 from the casino anyway. (Image: Hard Rock Atlantic City)

Xiuhuan Zhang, 65, Qingtao Zhang, 53, Sen Ge, 29, Shuai Liu, 30, and Peng Cai, 33 were charged Thursday with second-degree conspiracy and various counts of second-degree theft by deception. , announced the state attorney general’s office. .

Within three days in August, the two female gang members, Xiuhuan Zhang and Qingtao Zhang, reportedly presented fake checks at five city casinos. These were exchanged for casino chips before being cashed out. According to prosecutors, the three men “attended [the women] at various times ”during the alleged fraud.

Arrest in Amsterdam

The targeted casinos were Caesars, Borgata, Ocean, Hard Rock and Golden Nugget. In each casino, Xiuhuan Zhang allegedly presented a fake TD Bank official check for $ 150,000 for chips, and Qingtao Zhang allegedly presented a fraudulent Bank of America cashier’s check for $ 134,000.

The gang has not always succeeded. The Hard Rock declined a check for $ 150,000, while Qingtao Zhang learned that she could only receive tokens in additional amounts on her check for $ 134,000.

Xiuhuan Zhang was arrested by Dutch police in Amsterdam earlier this month at the request of New Jersey authorities. The others are still on the run. The state attorney general’s office said it is currently investigating other people it believes may be linked to the crimes.

Suspects risk ten years

“The defendants were caught executing a sophisticated financial scheme covering several casinos and over $ 1 million in fraudulent checks,” Acting Attorney General Andrew Bruck said in a statement.

This case is just one example of the excellent work – in this case beyond international borders – carried out by members of the New Jersey State Police and the Criminal Justice Division who are charged with to investigate and prosecute crimes in casinos, ”he added.

The New Jersey Criminal Justice Division’s Office of Specialized Crimes obtained an indictment from the Atlantic County grand jury on October 13.

The State Police Bureau of Casino Gambling and the Criminal Justice Division of Casinos Prosecution Unit regularly work together to investigate and prosecute major cases involving financial fraud, money laundering or other behavior. criminals committed in Atlantic City casinos, ”said Director Lyndsay V. Ruotolo of the Criminal Justice Division.

“Thanks to their vigilance, their expertise and their diligent work, we hold those responsible for these crimes to account,” she added.

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