Mid-Atlantic Sea Glass & Coastal Arts Festival in Lewes

The SeaGals Gallery of Delaware was a popular spot for people looking for the perfect piece of jewelry.

Beachcombings make unique pieces with sea glass and other items they find, displaying them on a coral jellyfish.

Bethany Beach’s Karen Jolly admires the eye-catching work of Don Nichols of Nichols Stained Glass.

Pure Sea Glass has set up a guessing game for participants to try to find the source of various discoveries on the beach.

Nancy Strasser LaMotte collects her sea glass from the beaches of Chesapeake Bay and Delaware.

sea glass and creates harmonious scenes of nature.”/>

Frannie Phillips takes authentic Maryland sea glass and creates harmonious scenes of nature.

SellColors Glass Studio & Gallery member Ceire Parker showcases elegant necklaces among her sea glass creations.

Christine Schabowski incorporates sea glass into her nautical themed paintings.

A crowd favorite, which was called a labor of love by one admirer, was the Sea Glass Surfboard created by Mary Tantillo of SwellColors Glass Studio & Gallery.

Heidi Blake, owner of Coastal Creations Sea Glass, says the jewelry is made from seabed sediment that was unearthed in England and contains several different elements from nature.

Harry Counter of Cherry Hill, NJ combs through a sandbox set up by Heidi Blake for sea glass hunting.

Hit! Harry Counter was happy to find a few pieces to add to his own personal collection.

Constance Collection, owned by Constance Guerra, features mythical and iconic marine life.

Rhiannon, left, and Pat Hawri ponder which Laura Haller jewelry they will add to their collection at Blue Heron Heirlooms.

Denise Troy’s designs at Surfside Sea Glass Jewelry came in all shapes and sizes.

Bead Boutique, owned by Tricia Hall, reuses, upcycles and recycles. Hall says they do everything they can to work with the materials they have or find.

Sherri Neale says she gets her drink for Beachstars46 from England, where it gets its exclusive yellow color due to older bottles and rough sea conditions.

Secrets of the Universe owner Joan Devaney creates nature-inspired jewelry and artwork.

Posey’s By the Sea creates these fish using sea glass found on the east coast.

Washed Up Beach Creations owner Julie Davidson and her family source all of their glass in Dameror, Maryland.

Caitlin Garner’s stained-glass Volkswagen surf van welcomes potential buyers to Myona’s cabin.

Loren Bell shares how he found sea glass for Jewels by the Sea while in Florida.