Myrtle Beach trash can crosses the Atlantic Ocean and runs aground in Ireland – world news

The Canadian Press – | History: 351007

Instead of a message in a bottle, it’s the decals on a barnacle-covered garbage barrel that show how far it has come, from the southeast coast of the United States to a beach in Ireland, to over 5,600 kilometers from home.

The city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, announced Monday that a barrel of trash had somehow washed up in County Mayo on the northwest coast of Emerald Isle.

According to the city, Keith McGreal from Ireland wrote them down and shared photos of the bright blue barrel with city stickers.

“I wanted to share some footage of a Blue Trash barrel that washed up on our local beach on the west coast of Ireland in Mulranny, Co. Mayo,” McGreal wrote, according to an exchange the town has published online. “We spotted the stickers and thought it would be good news. “

The city posted the photos online, showing that the barrel’s crossing the Atlantic took enough time for it to become encrusted with shells.

City officials also wrote to McGreal, saying the barrel must have been blown into the Gulf Stream during a major wind or storm.

“We usually remove trash cans from the beach before a hurricane, but this one apparently had a mind of its own,” they said, adding that they had “already asked a city worker to come and get it.”