Ocean Casino Atlantic City Sues Live! Casino Philadelphia for using a similar slogan


cean Casino Resort in Atlantic City continues Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia Charged with Unfair Competition Using Slogan Similar to Its “Go for the Win” Sales Pitch.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Camden on Tuesday by parent entity AC Ocean Walk LLC, says Ocean Casino Resort filed a request for intent to use the term with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on May 6, and then converted to a request for use.. This gives Ocean priority rights and the use of the slogan.

Ocean Casino launched its “Go for the Win” marketing campaign on June 22, spending over $ 1.5 million to promote it in the South Jersey-Philadelphia area. Allegedly, before the launch, the company and its advertising agency spent several months and an additional $ 140,000 developing the campaign, reports application..

In July, Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia, owned by The Cordish Companies, has launched its own campaign, with a similar slogan: “Let’s Go for the Win”. Opened in February on Packer Avenue with a budget of $ 700 million, the integrated resort used the slogan in television ads and on websites, according to the lawsuit, as well as a digital sign on the Atlantic promenade. City, “a few doors down from Ocean’s Casino Resort.”

According to Ocean, “Go for the Win” is a “unique and distinctive service mark” of the company. The costume supports Live! used the slogan “without Ocean’s consent as part of a deliberate plan to trade on Ocean’s Go For The Win service mark”. The lawsuit calls for Live! had been informed of the similarity, but continued to use the slogan as “willful, intentional and willful act committed in bad faith”.

“Unauthorized use by Defendant Live! a confusing service mark interferes with Ocean’s ability to control the nature and quality of the services Ocean provides under its GO FOR THE WIN service mark, ”describes the litigation. Additionally, the use of a similar slogan by the Philadelphia Casino places “Ocean’s valuable reputation and goodwill in the hands of Defendant Live !, over which Ocean has no control.”

Ocean Casino Resort Seeks a Cease and Desist Order to Ban Live! to use the tagline, as well as to force the casino to destroy all marketing material that uses the same phrase. In addition, Ocean claims damages for an undetermined number, and is seeking to have the Philadelphia casino cover the cost of his lawsuit.

In August 2020, Ocean was also involved in legal action, although this time as a defendant: Borgata, owned by MGM, accused the casino of hiring its top marketing executives to use secret details., including information on major Borgata customers, with the aim of “crippling” its casino operation.

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