Rally today in opposition to Atlantic City, NJ Mayor Marty Small

They say you can’t fight city hall.

However, people are stepping up and taking their opposition to the incumbent mayor of Atlantic City, all the way to City Hall at 10:30 a.m. today.

John Exadaktilos, owner of Atlantic City’s Ducktown Tavern and Liquor Store, announced that there will be a rally today, Monday, May 16, against Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

Exadaktilos said, “I’ll be there and invite anyone above typical Atlantic City politics…you’re welcome.”

Exadaktilos also added that “many civic associations are meeting with me and other business leaders have contacted me via SMS and Facebook saying they want to help.”

“I guess we’ll see,” Exadaktilos said.

OR: Atlantic City Hall, 1301 Bacharach Boulevard, Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401. In the courtyard just outside the main entrance.

WHEN: Monday, May 16 at 10:30 a.m.

WHAT: A rally against the mayor of Atlantic City, Marty Small

Today’s rally comes after a series of recent dubious and unpopular decisions made by Small.

  • Small led an effort to eliminate a perceived political opponent, John Devlin, of the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority.
  • Removal of the University of Stockton from the Atlantic City Boathouse. Stockton University was forced to move its entire rowing program to the Brigantine Boathouse.
  • Small has removed the longtime “Fish Heads” seafood restaurant from Atlantic City’s Gardner Basin. This is despite the willingness of the State of New Jersey to allow the last African-owned company in the Gardner Basin to continue operating there.

There seems to be growing dissatisfaction with Small’s agenda for Atlantic City.

We will follow up after today’s rally with any newsworthy developments.

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