Rosie Arnel and Angela Lawrence of Wodonga prepare for the Atlantic Ocean line with a 24-hour challenge | border mail

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Rosie Arnel is passionate about people who are lucky enough to pursue their dreams. But when your dream is to sail a boat over 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, she can understand that it’s not for everyone. The Wodonga wife was set for the Atlantic Challenge in 2020 with her husband, Craig, under the team name But A Dream, until COVID got involved. But she remained determined to make it to the starting line. Craig was unable to commit to this year’s event due to health issues, but Ms Arnel managed to convince fellow employee Angela Lawrence to take the plunge. “I thought about stopping it or changing it at a later date, but I couldn’t move on, so I had to,” Ms Arnel said. “I didn’t think I could find anyone in the Victoria area to put on such an event on the ocean, so I was very lucky with Angela. “The conversations we had, we kind of shared the same ideas and values. “She used to take swimming lessons in the ocean, so she’s not afraid of it. Normally when I tell someone what I’m doing, they tell me right away that they don’t can’t do this, but Angela was excited.” IN OTHER NEWS: The pair will spend around 50-60 days at sea when they leave Spain’s Canary Islands in December, where they will embark on a routine of two hours rowing, two hours off, unassisted for 24 hours per day for Antigua and Barbuda. In order to simulate the conditions on the boat, Ms Arnel and Ms Lawrence organized a 24-hour rowing challenge on the platform next to Bean Station in Wodonga on February 25 and 26. “Before I knew about her big adventure I was saying we should do something like a bike ride or a run and down and here she was sitting on this golden egg,” Ms Lawrence said “It’s daunting, but there are so many little things we have to do before that. It will be a sigh of relief when we get there.’ at the event. For more information about the challenge, visit Our reporters work hard to bring local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content: