Several North Carolina homes collapse into the Atlantic Ocean

ATLANTIC OCEAN – SEPTEMBER 2: In this image from the NOAA GOES-East satellite document, Hurricane Dorian, now a Cat. 4 moves slowly past Grand Bahama Island September 2, 2019 in the Atlantic Ocean. Dorian moved slowly past the Bahamas, at times as little as 1 mph, triggering massive flooding and 150 mph winds (Photo by NOAA via Getty Images)

Several North Carolina homes are collapsing into the Atlantic Ocean and the video is wild. You can see another video of the disaster here.

On Tuesday, the East Coast experienced some wild weather. According to NBC News, the weather was so bad that two beachfront homes on North Carolina’s Outer Banks collapsed. Strong waves, high tides and high winds knocked the two houses into the Atlantic Ocean.

The first unoccupied home fell on Ocean Drive in Rodanthe on Tuesday, the National Park Service said. Ocean Drive beaches were closed as a precaution “to protect the public from the dangers associated with the house collapse”, with officials warning that more collapses could follow. The park service said a second unoccupied home on Ocean Drive collapsed in the water shortly after.

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