Tales from the border: Senegal – crossing the vast Atlantic Ocean | Europe | News and events from across the continent | DW

In the first episode of Tales from the Border, various migrants share their stories of drifting for 10 days in a dugout canoe in the Atlantic Ocean – passing ghost ships full of bodies and wondering if they will ever manage to land.

Even after reaching shore, experiences of poverty and hardship make some wonder if the dream was worth it. The voices of those who did, of those who returned to Senegal and those who have not yet left, paint a picture of the long and dangerous road between the west coast of Africa and the first outpost Europe: the Canary Islands.

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Journalist: Emmanuelle Landais, Senegal

Presenter and Producer: Emma Wallis

Editor: Marion MacGregor

Series editors: Charlotte Hauswedell and Sven Pöhle

Production studio: Gerd Georgii and Jürgen Kuhn in DW studios

Theme Music: Chinese Man Records, France

Sounds and interviews provided: SOS Méditerranée, Flavio Gasperini, Sandy McKee, Hippolyte, DW