The ambassadors of the Atlantic Area Chamber visit NISHNANET | Way of life

Atlantic Chamber Ambassadors were welcomed by NISHNANET on Thursday, May 20. Ambassadors learned more about NISHNANET’s goals and expansion with their new 514 Chestnut store.

NISHNANET came to serve rural Atlantic and Audubon counties in 2018. Since then, NISHNANET has expanded to serve more than 300 customers by providing them with low-cost broadband internet access, fiber optics, service telephone, technical support, etc.

With the opening of its new Customer Service Center at 514 Chestnut Street, NISHNANET will be able to better support existing and non-customer customers by providing Internet technology support and high quality technology retail. Scott Bennett, owner, explained that with this store, the company can answer questions in detail and offer one-stop assistance in which when a customer purchases an item the employee will configure the device and when the customer returns. at home, the device will work. provide one-on-one customer support.

With NISHNANET’s new single-storey space, the question arises, “What will be done with their original location at 2 East 6th Street?” Scott explained that with the help of Cass / Atlantic Development, they planned to turn their old space into a “co-working space.” A shared workspace allows those working remotely to have access to a desk, phone line, fast Internet access, printer, etc. The spaces can be rented with the purchase of a subscription. More details will be released as the space meets in July.

NISHNANET can also be reached at 712-243-2497.

From left to right of the Ambassador: Anne Quist, Angie Bitting, Tori Gibson, Brian Ruge, Jessi Klever, Jen McEntaffer, Dawn Marnin, Chris Bennett, Rich Perry, Dolly Bermann, Paige Bennett, Dr. Keith Leonard, Kathie Hockenberry, Devon Bretey, Bill Saluk, Scott Bennett, Steve Tjepkes, Nedra Perry, Donnie Drennan, Carol Schuler, Alden Harriman, Marcus Daugherty and Kelsey Beschorner.