UFOs spotted “flying in formation” during lightning storm over Atlantic City

A Reddit user spotted five UFOs flying in formation near an electrical storm over Atlantic City.

In a video posted to the UFO subreddit, five mysterious flashing lights, in a circular formation in the night sky like an electrical storm, can be seen in the distance.

User @ rozetta11 wrote: “5 UFOs flying in formation near thunderstorm 7-29-21 (1:35 mins) Is there a relationship between UFOs and thunderstorms?

“The 4 passes through the cloud and the 5th passes close to the water surface. There are also static ones behind the cloud.

UFOs Spotted “Flying in Formation” Over Atlantic City

“Are those who pass birds? Isn’t the speed too high? The one who flies lower appears at the same time as the others and at the same speed that I find interesting.

“Can anyone who has studied this subject say if there is a relationship between UFOs and thunderstorms? Does electricity have anything to do with how these things work?”

The post received 769 upvotes and over 170 comments from skeptics trying to decipher the phenomenon with non-believers claiming they are “just birds” – but others thought it could be evidence of aliens .

ufo on reddit
Reddit users debating the cause of the lights

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One user said, “I was born and raised in AC. There have been many, many sightings and stories over the years regarding the phenomenon.

“Living there is why I’ve been so interested in the subject. For 50 years now. There is absolutely a connection to the ocean.

” Long time ago. For those unfamiliar with the area, the FAA Tech Center is about 12 miles inland from AC. It is also home to the 177th Hunting Group, the Jersey Devils.

sky of lights
Three lights spotted in the sky (left)

“Over the years they have been scrambled thousands of times. Many times I would think of responding to ‘UFOs’. This is a very ‘hot’ area.

Another added: “The most popular theory is that they refuel or ‘recharge’ from lightning, as there have been a lot of great photos and videos catching different objects in and around thunderstorms, and a lot even catching objects of various shapes and sizes with lightning bolts going through and around them. Pretty wild stuff. “

A third wrote: “I am a believer and I know this will not be a popular comment, but they are probably birds. “