What makes snow shoveling in Atlantic City different from other places? | Local news

“You see me here in trouble,” said Lewis, who said she was on disability. “Pushing him against the sidewalk always makes it difficult for those of us who have to walk.”

Holly Allen, who just opened ATAX on Atlantic Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard for the next tax season, said she didn’t think the city was responsible for cleaning up the sidewalks.

“Maybe they should do something about the empty storefronts and their sidewalks, but I don’t think that’s the city’s problem. I don’t think they can do anything else,” Allen said.

Allen said the snow has yet to impact his business.

“I missed my UPS package, but that’s it,” she said.

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As Darlene Cruz, an employee of the Ocean Casino Resort, waited for her bus at the Atlantic City bus station, she said shoveling snow in the city may be different from shoveling in surrounding areas.

“It’s a city, so it’s bigger than other places,” said Cruz, of Pleasantville. “There are a lot more people and a lot more cars.”

Atlantic City is also a barrier island, which protects the mainland from wind, ocean, and other weather forces.

“It’s not harder, they just need to do a better job,” Lewis said as she browsed her personal basket on a snowy sidewalk.