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Remember the uh rather messy part of the pandemic when people violated stay-at-home guidelines because they just wanted to have a little fun? Well … I was not one of those people and left home exclusively for one of three things: going to the grocery store, going to little fun physiotherapy appointments two or three times a week, and seeing my boyfriend a little handful of times during the summer months.

That being said, when the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City gave me and my boyfriend the opportunity to tour the property over a weekend in July, we jumped at the chance – c was the first time we had traveled together since summer 2019! We didn’t have a chance to celebrate his birthday last year (thank you COVID), and a quick getaway to a casino (after putting Pfizer through a vaxx, of course) seemed like the perfect opportunity to modify that.

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You might have your preconceptions about Atlantic City, but I’m here to tell you they’re wrong. Atlantic City (especially if you’re staying at a resort like this) is absolutely worth your time, and is actually a perfect weekend getaway for couples, a bach party, or a reunion with old friends who want to take a vacation that feel classy but not super fancy off budget. If you’re already planning your trip for Spring and Summer 2022, here’s everything you need to know before you step onto the Atlantic City scene …

(PS Writer received free stay / meals / experiences in order to write this review.)

Your Atlantic City packing list

The ocean is the best legitimate part of Atlantic City.

The Ocean Casino Resort is a relatively new and chic property located not too far from the Atlantic City, NJ boardwalk, which allows guests to live in luxury every moment of their stay. The top floor luxury suites, which we were fortunate enough to stay, had gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows that spanned the entire width of the room for stunning views of the beach. I want to say:

The exterior of the Ocean Casino Resort.


The view from our room!


Our suite came with a king pillowtop bed literally half the size of my NYC studio and an en suite bathroom with gorgeous double sinks and a glass spa shower that some people would be ashamed of. of the best spa establishments. Additionally, the bathroom had a small separate toilet room for much needed privacy, and who wouldn’t love that?

Courtesy of Tory Kooyman

Courtesy of Tory Kooyman

After getting over the initial excitement of entering the suite, we were treated to a multi-course tapas dinner at Amada by Chef Garces (he beat the one and only Bobby Flay in a 2008 appearance on Iron Chef America) where we feasted on crispy potatoes, iberíco jámon, wild mushroom rice, juicy steak, spicy margaritas, and more if you can believe it! A late-night food coma soon ensued, despite a stroll through the enormous casino afterwards.

Yeah, about their casinos …

Can we please change the narrative that most casino-populated towns like Atlantic City are for (a) people aged 50 and over with money to burn or (b) high rollers? winning millions? Please? During our stay we saw a lot of young people in their 20s having fun at the slots and cashing out their winnings at the counter so if you are young don’t feel intimidated to check it out. I won a total of $ 6, so there you go!

Fun Fact: Instead of keeping the casino portion of the resort closed to natural light – a tactic designed to get people to stay in the casino for as long as possible – the Ocean has the same floor-to-ceiling windows in some areas of the resort. play zones, making it the first resort of its kind to do so. Cool eh?

The walk also deserves your attention.

Determined to make the most of our full day in Atlantic City, we took advantage of our surroundings and had a blast on the beach after attending breakfast and attending a Diplo (relaxed) concert at the resort’s HQ2 Day Club. The coastline is absolutely beautiful, which by extension means the beach is immaculate. If you are also a kid at heart like me, take off your sandals and frolic in the sand or in the water in your favorite summer dress, like this:

Thanks for the nice photo, bae!

Rick avila

After reaching the beach, be sure to walk down the beach to the promenade and marvel at the Ferris wheel. For someone who is afraid of heights, it was incredibly stable and provided an all-round look when you hit the highest point of the wheel. Don’t forget to share a kiss with your SO (and make a selfie of it, obv) when you reach the top!

Did I mention that Ferris wheel cars are ~ air conditioned ~ ???



The promenade is also the perfect place for junk food galore. But we stumbled upon something much better: Tucked away in the boardwalk cut (seriously, you might blink and miss it) is an ax throwing ring, where for around $ 10 you can throw tiny ones. axes on a large wooden target. I’m a 5’2 “girl with the athleticism of a cucumber, but I managed to have two axes in the center of the board!


Staying at the Ocean is an investment – the room we stayed in can cost up to $ 399 a night depending on what time of year you go – but isn’t the price worth your happiness? For stunning beach views, a ~ high end ~ casino experience and Iron Chef level cuisine, this will be an experience you will never forget.

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